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What is 918KISS Online?

918KISS is the new go-to online gambling platform in Malaysia and Brunei. It started getting known for its convenience and simplicity since 2018 on both Android and iOS.

This means that you can Download the app on any Android and ios on Apple phone in Malaysia or even Brunei. With a high winning rate and easy-to-use user interface, the app has gained popularity with both the young and old generation of Malaysians. 

There are many dealers supplying credits and promising cash-outs as fast as possible. Malaysians needs to be careful of scammers who cheat users out of their money by giving fake promises for withdraws.

Playing with Step-by-step Guide 

You will need to have an Android or Apple phone with internet connection to be able to play Official 918Kiss. Purchase in-game credit for your account by contacting our customer support line. 1 in-game credit is equal to 1 Malaysia Ringgit.

1. Get an account for yourself from our customer support helpline and communicate through Whatsapp or WeChat with our agents.

2. Download the game client from website for Android or iPhone.

3. Purchase in-game credits by banking in to our respected accounts and showing your proof of purchase to our agents.

4. Launch the app to check on your credits then play and bet on any game you feel like.

Winning in 918KISS Jackpot

Winning depends on your luck but we usually bet conservatively. Bet small and slow to slowly build your bank roll. Then bet bigger when you have enough to try and win. The pattern for the game is that if you bet big you win big but if you don’t have a large enough bank roll, you will still lose in the end.

Other games are easy to win at. Games such as the slots are great games to start with in getting small wins for you to pocket and build it larger. High win rates only come with a high bank roll. The amount of free credit you collect will affect how much you are able to bet before you lose it all. Keep betting large bets will give you a high chance of landing a big win.

Play only 1 type of game for a few hours to know its pattern. Keep playing to have a chance at getting free spins at certain games.

The amount of time you spent playing is also very important to ensure that you’ll be hitting the best win ratio. If you get on a losing streak at 918Kiss, stop for a bit and continue after having a good rest. Find your own technique  and skill to beat the game. If you read the patterns right, you will end up winning so much more than you started with!

Free account for Casino games on 918Kiss:

User ID: Test1001~4999 

Password: 1234



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