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Playboy888 or Playboy Online casino is an online mobile gambling platform that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime within Malaysia for those who are interested in fast mobile betting. Play from home or from work with easy credit transactions and no worries about having to find a real casino. 

Playboy2 are just as good as the real ones! They might be even better than the real casinos as we have a higher win rate than physical casinos. There are 243 ways to win the game and come out on top when your luck is on the line. We have the usual games of slots, scatters and etc, feel free to check our platform out and test your luck at the games available.

Our online facility and system is made to be efficient and we would like you to have a great time staying here. Gamble safely with customer support and instant transfers. Our customer support will do the best to help you when you’ve encountered any problems. 

The chances of winning in this game is high but there is also a risk to it, if you bet small, you’re more likely to lose the money than betting large amounts because of the incredibly large payroll. Always remember to play smart and check your account remainder before continuing to risk it all!

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Password : 123456

 PLAYBOY888 LOGIN | Play8boy2 ( Screenshot In Game)

This game  has many different users from all across Malaysia. It’s one of the best platforms to test out your luck while not betting too much. You can limit yourself to the amount of credits you want by playing smart and reading the correct guide to prevent confusion and regret. 

But in the end, try and have as much fun as you can at our platform, we care about our customers and wish to help you all have an enjoyable experience playing with us!

Features of this games

  • You can have a record of your personal wins. Reaching a platinum level will give you a higher payout for your winnings but you need to map your success for that. Put your success ladder into good use with the Playboy casino slot game and proceed to keep playing to unlock more achievements.
  • There are lots of bonuses with the game through which you can make good money if you can get luck on your side to help you with winning more games. The bonuses are come out in the names of girls with free spins throughout the games. The free spins have the power to give your game a new twist to it and take you to the next level with consistent betting at no additional costs for the free spins.
  • 14 Unique icons are in the game and each represents a different type of win when getting the right strikes. Payout may differ from different sets of wins at a time.


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