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What is SCR888?

SCR888 ( Renamed to 918KISS) in Malaysia is the mobile online casinos slots you need to win. Our online mobile app is available on both Android and for iphone with the best customer support.

With many different casino betting games inside the app, you can find the best game for you to get lucky! Gambling is made easy with our 24 hour Customer Service Support as well to help you with any troubles you face.

This game have a high win rate for skilled people who knows when to properly place their bet on the slots or cards. Start building your bank roll slowly and bet big when you have enough to try your luck at our platform.


SCR888 can grants you chances at free casino slot spins, if you play long enough its easy for you to hit BIG WIN. Mostly if you play within 1 hour, you are guaranteed to get a random free spin on the slots. Increase your chances of winning the right way and make higher chance to get random jackpot.

Wins are catagorized as “Big Wins”, Super Big Wins” “Utra Mega Big Win”and “Ultra Big Wins” whenever you get lucky with your bets. Gamble safely with us!

Instant cash out with our customer support! WITHDRAW LIMIT AT RM50, 000! We will bank-in to you as fast as possible within just a few days! Our customer support team is the fastest in Malaysia and they are always ready to help you with your problems.

How to Start ?

Download the app for either Android or Apple iPhone for your mobile and make sure to have internet access. 1 Ringgit = 1 game credit

1. Contact our customer support in Livechat Whats app or wechat!

2. Reload your account by purchasing in game credit from Livemobile88 game agent.

3. Find an slot game to try out !

4. Try your best to win! After win you just simply chat to our agent and we will withdraw for you!

Start Download and Play Now.

How to win the game?

Luck is a key factor in winning, but also you must try to find a pattern to the game. Look for patterns in each game to try and win. Some online casino games have a distinct way of spinning around.

Another scr888 tactic is to try different  slot machines with your account. Other users reported that some games work for them but not for other people. Keep trying till you find the right game for your luck to happen.

You can also use a different skill, which is to keep betting in only one slot game till you get the jackpot. Chances of winning big is higher if you stay at one slot. Just like a real casino. Staying at one online casino slot game will increase your chance of winning by a large amount.

It is also smart to bet small and keep winning small bets before you play big. Building your bank account will help you get a higher chance of winning when betting large amounts in the online casino.

Last but not least, control yourself and always withdraw your casino money when you feel like you need to withdraw. Our Customer Support Team want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to online casino plays!


Free account for Casino games on SCR888:

User ID: Test1001~4999 

Password: 1234

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